feat. Doogie White (Michael Schenker’s Temple of Rock, ex-Ritchie Blackmore’s Rainbow) on vocals


Release date: 18th September 2015

Label: MMS • Distribution: Alive AG

EAN: 4039967008220


Classic hard rock in the style of Deep Purple & Rainbow with a distinctive Stratocaster guitar sound and distorted Hammond organ.

Rock legends like Jon Lord and Ian Paice from Deep Purple had several concerts together with the band and were quite taken with their musicality and power. After building up a reputation as a Deep Purple Tribute Band, they established their name as an original band with their successful debut album „The Stranger Within“ in 2011. With „Under the Neon“, Demon’s Eye have now released their second album, once again featuring Doogie White, former singer of Ritchie Blackmore’s Rainbow and current lead vocalist with Michael Schenker’s Temple of Rock.

Doogie White: „“Under the Neon“ is a high energy album full of exciting and vibrant songs complimented with dynamic performances from everyone. I think it’s just great! Difficult 2nd album? Not at all. The band have breathed brand new life into their classic sound. Demon’s Eye play music that is based on the greatest era of rock music: the seventies. It‘s traditional British heavy rock music done by Germans… and a Scotsman (laughter). It’s for people who love that classic sound where bands experimented and explored with their music and delivered outstanding yet unpretentious musicianship.

The wonderful thing is that the sound is classic and the approach is new and fresh. The songs are really brilliant, dynamic and varied. It‘s a style of music I enjoy and relate with and I try to make what I bring to the party as colorful, challenging and as triumphant as I can. Can’t wait to be back on stage with Demon’s Eye. The band is tight, honest, brutal and subtle.“

Why does Doogie White enjoy the collaboration with Demon’s Eye so much?

Doogie White: „There’s a big diversity in time signatures and styles in what Demon’s Eye write and play. This allows me to experiment with different kind of melodies and ideas. We have a good understanding of each others songwriting process, and the boys are all outstanding players. Andree is a great musician, not just as a drummer, but he also has a great understanding of melody and song construction. Moreover he does not hesitate to correct me. I correct his english and he corrects everything else I do (laughter).“

After the spherical intro „Epic“, your socks get knocked off by the uptempo track „Road to Glory“, not least because of the formidable, baroque influenced soloing by guitarist Mark Zyk and organ player Gert-Jan Naus. The slightly oriental, heavy rocker „Closer to Heaven“ surprises with an almost dreamy chorus, before lifting off into an unexpected fast middle part. „Five Knuckle Shuffle“ grooves like hell and is followed by the monumental hard rock epos „Welcome to my World“, which takes the listener onto a more than 7 minute long musical journey. The blues-rock oriented song „Finest Moment“ proves – once again – the versatility of Demon’s Eye, bringing out one of the most impressive and touching vocal performances of Doogie White’s career. Generally the songs of „Under the Neon“ seem to fit Doogie White‘s voice like a glove, enabling him to sing with great passion. This kind of music seems to lend wings to the Scottish singer. With „Fallen Angel“, „Master of Destiny“, „Dancing on Air“ and „Blood Red Sky“ some more pearls of classic rock pass by, before the album ends with the majestic, heavy riff of „The Messenger“. 53 minutes of Classic hard rock at its best!

The debut album „The Stranger Within“ was celebrated as one of the outstanding hard rock releases of 2011 by both fans and press, surprising the band with the overwhelming response.

Demon’s Eye drummer and producer Andree Schneider: „In times of falling sales we couldn’t keep up with the represses. The album sold way better than we ever expected. Therefore it was a logical consequence to release a second album. The only condition we had set was that the song material had to be as convincing as on „The Stranger Within“. Now, holding the finished version of „Under the Neon“ in my hands, I think it’s even a stronger album than it’s predecessor.“

Why is „Under The Neon“ stronger than „The Stranger Within“?

Andree Schneider: „Just to avoid misunderstandings: I still think „The Stranger Within“ is a great record. Nevertheless, we learned a lot about the songwriting- and production process at that time, which had a positive influence on the approach of the second album. One can hear that the band has matured during the past few years. Furthermore, we now really found our own sound. Gert-Jans harsh, distorted organ on one side and Marks Stratocaster on the other create a massive soundwall and I’m convinced that a lot of the songs will work really well on stage. Just check out the Uptempo-Song „Road to Glory“, the opener for the shows we play this fall, and you’ll know what I mean.“

Bass player Maik Keller: „Our new album is wonderfully rich in variety and catchy at the same time. We give the powerful sound of the 70’s a modern, contemporary look.“

Guitar player Mark Zyk adds: “„Under the Neon“ has become noticeably harder than „The Stranger Within“, and the songs have more of a live-character. We had a clear vision about the sound of the new album. We decided to have a distinct left/right-seperation of the electric guitar and the harsh Hammond organ, for example. Both instruments complement each other perfectly and add to a homogenous and hard sound. Drums and bass sound very natural and offer a powerful foundation… and enthroned above all the rest: Doogies genius vocals.”

Does the guitar player have a favorite song?

Mark Zyk: „The album has so many excellent songs. It’s hard to choose! If I would have to decide, I would go for „Finest Moment“, because this song has some very intense and touching moments. Besides that, it separates itself from the rest of the album by a clear blue influence, which is something you didn’t hear from us and Doogie, yet.

About the collaboration with Doogie White: Was he set as a singer for the second album right from the start?

Andree Schneider: „No, not really. Doogie is touring worldwide with Michael Schenker‘s Temple of Rock, and therefore he’s got a very busy schedule. We had to make sure he would be available for both the recording period and the tour. Doogie worked that out with Michael Schenker and was very glad he could confirm. From there on, our choice for Doogie was clear, since he did an outstanding job on the first record. I think he would have been disappointed if we had not asked him again, because he really enjoys our music. During the recording session he worked really hard and sang with heart and soul. I’m sure that will also be the case once we’re on the road!“

You can’t deny the first album was strongly influenced by your musical heroes, reminding of bands like Deep Purple or Rainbow. Does that also count for the new album?

Andree Schneider: „“The Stranger Within“ was clearly influenced by Rainbow. That’s hardly surprising, since we all grew up with their music and worked with a former Rainbow singer. This time we managed to create a style that stands more for itself, I think. Nonetheless, we don’t lie about our musical preferences. If you enjoy bands like Deep Purple, Rainbow, Uriah Heep or Black Sabbath, I’m pretty sure you will enjoy „Under the Neon“ as well, because that’s the kind of music lover we made this record for.“

Indeed, Under the Neon contains everything that enthralls fans of classic hard rock bands: powerful vocals rich in variety as well as brilliant and virtuose solos on guitar and hammond organ.


Doogie White

Mark Zyk

Gert-Jan Naus
Organ & Keyboards

Maik Keller

Andree Schneider


01  Epic
02  Road to Glory
03  Closer to Heaven
04  Five Knuckle Shuffle
05  Welcome to my World
06  Finest Moment
07  Fallen Angel
08  Master of Destiny
09  Dancing on Air
10  Blood Red Sky
11  The Messenger

Total Time: 53:04

Produced by:
Andree Schneider

Demon’s Eye feat. Doogie White on tour:

02.10.2015 D-Siegburg, Kubana
03.10.2015 D-Siegen, Lyz
04.10.2015 NL-Limburg, Asta Theater
09.10.2015 D- Soest, Alter Schlachthof
10.10.2015 D-Bensheim, Musiktheater Rex
15.10.2015 D-Wilhelmshaven, Pumpwerk
16.10.2015 D-Dortmund, Musiktheater Piano
17.10.2015 D-Isernhagen, Blues Garage
26.02.2016 D-Bonn, Harmonie
27.02.2016 D-Bochum, Zeche

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