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Up to now, Demon's Eye have established their reputation as a "Deep Purple Tribute Band" in such a convincing way that as a result Jon Lord with a symphony orchestra and Ian Paice of Deep Purple as well as Doogie White, of course, already had several concerts together with the band and are quite taken with their skills and musicality.

Direct quote Jon Lord, who recently gave a moving concert together with Demon's Eye and the Film Orchestra Babelsberg in the philharmonic concert hall "Philharmonie München" in Munich in November, 2010: "With Demon's Eye I feel like I’m playing in a real band."

Direct quote Ian Paice: "When I get the chance to play with other musicians and I don't know them, I take a chance. If they're good, it makes my job very easy. If they're not so good, it makes my job very difficult. With Demon's Eye, it's incredibly easy. These guys are really fantastic! They know exactly what they do!"


After 13 years of being a very successful Deep Purple Tribute Band, how come they make an album with songs of their own?
Demon's Eye drummer Andree Schneider, who also produced this album: "After all these years of Deep Purple Tribute it was about time to turn over a new leaf and look for a new challenge. You might say it was the icing on the cake that Doogie White listened to our songs and at once promised enthusiastically to participate."

By the way, why does Doogie White sing on the album - up to now he has "only" been Demon’s Eye’s guest vocalist at some concerts?
Andree: "This is because he was definitely our dream vocalist. We knew which musical course our songs would take. Therefore, it was obvious that we couldn’t have found a better vocalist for our album. Whenever I listen to the songs now I can only say that this was the best decision we could have made. Doogie is a fantastic vocalist and an incredible creative songwriter who gave our songs just what they needed. I think his vocal performance on 'The Stranger Within' is just phenomenal! In my opinion, he has never sung so varied and with so much power and devotion as on this album."

Doogie White adds: "When Andree told me in the studio that for the first time in many years I’m sounding really like myself I was totally surprised at first because no matter with which band I am in a studio: I am always giving it everything! But I thought about his words – I think maybe the reason that my voice sounds sharper and more powerful on this album than on other albums I've done is due to the fact that this band do not play with down-tuned instruments but they play in regular concert tuning. For me, that has not been the case since the Rainbow album of 1995. That is why I had to give more power to my voice than usual. It was exciting to finde those notes again that I thought I had maybe lost for a while." (laughs)


Has Doogie White not taken a risk to record an album with a band that have “only“ been paying tribute to Deep Purple so far?
Doogie: "No, because I wouldn’t have done it if I had not liked the song material or had thought that I cannot develop good ideas to it. Not for all the money in the world! True, Demon's Eye are the best Deep Purple Tribute Band I have seen so far. But now stop thinking about this band as a Deep Purple Tribute Band and just listen to this album. The songs are fantastic and were recorded by excellent musicians. Turn up the volume, take out your air guitar and start to rock - because that is what I did when I listened to the finished album at home!"

Did you receive any instructions from the band?
Doogie: "No, I was given carte blanche concerning both the melodies and lyrics. The band sent me the completely arranged instrumental versions of the songs and I developed my ideas to them and sent them back. Andree then told me whether or not he and the other guys liked my ideas. If there was a passage that did not find their approval I came up with something new – but this was only rarely necessary. That was a very constructive and professional working method."


With regard to sound and style Demon's Eye model themselves closely on Deep Purple and Rainbow. Especially guitar player Mark Zyk commits himself to Blackmore while he does emphasize, though, that he is not only a copy of the "Man in Black".
Mark Zyk: "I like Ritchie’s powerful, expressive playing and his love of improvisation. These are the aspects that influenced my playing. However, my playing is to retain its personal touch as I don’t aim at being a Blackmore-clone."

The songs have many passages that will move fans of classic hard rock emotionally. The following aspect is important to Andree: "I think music should move you emotionally, no matter what kind of music it is. Then it is good music. There are many passages on 'The Stranger Within' that will send shivers down your spine - especially Rainbow fans will be thrilled by 'The Unknown Stranger', and also songs like 'Evil Comes This Way' or 'The Best Of Times' create a very special atmosphere."

The band cannot and do not want to deny the influences of their role models. Nevertheless, "The Stranger Within" is convincing because of its individuality. True, from a stylistic point of view the album reminds us of Deep Purple and Rainbow, but it contains new, individual compositions. There’s nothing that sounds cribbed.
With "The Stranger Within" Demon's Eye hope to give the fans of Deep Purple and Rainbow just what they would like to hear from Ritchie Blackmore & Co. these days, but do not get in such a way.
Fotos: Gerry W. Freudenberger, Moni Kircher  

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